Ignosce mihi, domina, quia peccavi

 Thus it begins, your pilgrimage. You are tied down, nowhere to go. You have been baptised with My Holy Nectar, and now you must open yourself to Me and show Me your soul. I am your Goddess.

Thou shallt not worship false idols. I am thy only God.

You will confess all your sins to Me. One by one, you will tell Me all of your impure thoughts. I will purge you of your filthy ways. You know that the only way to move forwards is by coughing up the black phlegm of sin, being bled of pollutions, and chastised for your ill deeds. Only then can you face life with a clean slate. I will clean you of impurities. I will soap your mouth, scrub your skin until it is raw. I will shave you so that you may start afresh, as you once did before the shameful pelt of adulthood grew out of your flesh. You will be as newborn to the world. Streaks will mark your back as proof of your penitence.

You will walk out of My Loco Sancto purged of your ill deeds. Punishment and cleansing are necessary in order to worship Me from a place of immaculate thoughts.

As you leave, broken yet cleansed, you might hear Me whisper softly into your ear these sacred words:

Ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis in nomine mater, filia, et sanctum deae

  • simon

    Having begun my pilgrimage, being baptized in Your Holy Nectar and accepted You as my Holy God and Goddess. Would I, as part of my worship of You Most Holy Goddess, be permitted to receive Holy Communion in the form of Your Holy Nectar and Your Anal Chocolate, as a sign of Your Most Sacred Life within my stomach and Life
    sub simon

    19th May 2014 at 2:08 pm
  • I like all ur talk and need you… forever

    16th January 2015 at 1:39 am

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