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The desexualisation of the male reproductive organs

The shower is such a wonderful place to think in. Nude, with hot water running down the body and that glorious white noise created by hundreds of thousands of tiny droplets of water falling onto the ground. It was during My shower today that I reminisced about sticking needles through My slave’s penis this weekend. I remembered every detail perfectly. As I was pondering, it suddenly occurred to Me that a most marvellous shift has happened within Me over the last year. I seem to have completely desexualised the ever present phallus. Let Me explain.


Priapus, a Roman fertility god

Since the dawn of society, the phallus has been a powerful symbol that has been used time and time again to represent strength, fertility, superiority and many more positive attributes. We all grow up in a society which glorifies the penis and empowers its owners. The cock is a staff, a weapon of war. The cock penetrates and dominates etc. Some feminists even consider the penis to be such a symbol of power that they believe that all sex with penetration is akin to rape. Thus is the power held by this fleshy pouch that fills up with blood when the correct mix of hormones is released into the male bloodstream. In what is a mostly patriarchal society, Women are brought up to revere the “Mighty Shaft” as a giver of pleasure, giver of life, and symbol of unachievable power (for Women at least). We must love it and fear it. We must treat it with respect and pleasure it. It is strong, yet fragile. We must treat it delicately, but We must also pander to its needs.

Hōnen Matsuri - The Japanese penis-centric festival

Hōnen Matsuri – The Japanese penis-centric festival

Through My experiences in Female Domination, I have come to see the male member in a whole new light. I now see it for what it is: a small fleshy appendage which although it has no consciousness of its own, is seen by its owners as almost a separate entity from themselves. It is an excuse. They blame their weaknesses on it, they blame their deviances on it. It is men’s easy justification for their abhorrent behaviour. In reality, it is simply a piece of tissue. A fragile one at that. It is not a particularly complicated organ, nor is it beautiful. It hangs there, like a little worm, until it becomes erect; at which point, only about 10% of them actually turn into something aesthetically pleasing.

What a penis is actually made of

The prick is not a symbol of power. It is in fact, the symbol of male weakness. It is by no means the only answer to Female sexual gratification, as can be attested by any Woman who has had a man ejaculate prematurely, or even just not be able to get it up (in other words, every Woman on the surface of the earth). The penis may indeed be a sexual organ, but it is not sex. In fact, most of the time, it is merely a urination device. It is a piece of meat like any other (except that it is a piece of meat I definitely wouldn’t want on My plate). It is fragile, sensitive to pain, and ugly. All in all, it is nothing to be afraid of, in awe of, or anything else. It is nothing special and for Me, it certainly holds no mystique.

I am perfectly happy manipulating cocks very roughly and abusing them, because they are hilarious, fleshy little things. Men place their ego in their cocks, and that is their problem, not Mine.

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