Club Pedestal

Well this is it. The last week of the month started about an hour ago, and that means that Club Pedestal ios around the corner. If you have never heard of Club Pedestal, let Me give you a brief idea of what it is all about. For one whole night every 2 months, a nightclub in London is transformed into a shrine to all things Female and Femdom. On this one night, we live in a world where the rules clearly state that men are beneath Women in every way, including physical. Dominant Ladies flock to this event as do submissive men. The ladies in gangs, the men mostly alone or serving a beautiful Goddess.

At Club Ped, the world is as it should be. Men are toys, servants and objects. They are worshipers of the Superior Sex. Here, men sit on the floor as the Ladies lounge on leather sofas. All men are slaves at Club Ped. They are there for Our entertainment. And We do with them as We please. At Club Ped, public play is “de rigueur”, as is complete devotion to the Female species. Feet are there to be worshipped, and glasses to be refilled. Only a catastrophe will make Me miss this wonderful event. And for the next one, on the 28th of this month, I have a very special scene prepared with My close friend Goddess Maya Liyer.

So come and watch us play with our sub, and do come and pay your respects to Me. If you really want to impress Me, bring a small gift. It is My birthday in a couple of weeks after all. Bow down before Me, kiss My feet, and you may just impress Me.

See you at the club!


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