On Chastity

It’s half past one in the morning and I am wide awake; most likely due to the glorious full moon hanging in the sky right now. While tossing and turning in bed, desperately trying to sleep yet completely unable to, My mind began to wander. I found Myself remembering a conversation that I had yesterday with My friends Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss while we were holding a Domina Party. At some point in the afternoon, the conversation turned to castration fantasy. We chatted about elastrators (which I own) and burdizzos (which Miss Kitty owns) and eventually came to rest on the idea that although We only cater to the fantasy, some men really would be better off without any balls (and maybe even without a cock). Now I have been wanting to write My thoughts on chastity for a while, and I believe that the perfect time to do it is when I have been Lying around cogitating on it for several hours. At this very moment, I have so much to say about it that I barely even know where to start!
Maybe the beginning is a good place to commence.

What is chastity?
According to the Merriam Webster:


 noun \ˈchas-tə-tē\

: the state of not having sex with anyone : the quality or state of being chaste

In more specific and practical terms, as well as ones more relevant to this discourse, chastity is the act of making it physically impossible for a person to experience pleasure through their sexual organs. Women has been put in chastity since the late middle ages. This was done for many reasons, but mostly by jealous husbands who wanted to sleep easy in the knowledge that their wives would not “do the rounds”. It wasn’t however, until much later that chastity belts became an item of clothing worn by men. From the 17oo’s onwards, a strange idea arose within the medical community in Europe that male masturbation was harmful to health. A man’s seed was not meant to be spent at will. This could make his health deteriorate rapidly. It was also seen to be amoral to partake in onanism, which was a filthy and unchristian activity and could cause terrible mental health problems. Thus was invented the male chastity belt. The original designs somewhat resembled a leather jock strap with two metal containers on a plate at the front: One for the penis and one for the testicles. This was to be worn by those who could not resist the urge to play with themselves and were therefore putting their health at risk. In the 1930’s, it was scientifically proven that male masturbation had no ill effects. With this ruling came a rapid decline of the use of male chastity belts as a medical tool. As with all things punitive, restrictive, or otherwise meant to cause discomfort or humiliation, the chastity belt soon found its way into the world of BDSM. Today, one can purchase both chastity belts and cock cages on Amazon! So why are they still in use?

Having put men in chastity Myself, I have made many observations on its surprising and truly beneficial effects. I believe that most men should be put in a cock cage, and I will tell you why. Men and Women are animals. We have evolved into a complex species that is very different from all others on this planet, but we are still animals and this can be seen in such things as our obsession with sexuality. Sex is first and foremost an act of procreation. It is what we are made to do. When you take life to its simplest form, such as single cell beings and the like, there are only two things which these creatures do: feed and breed. As depressing as it is, the meaning of life is simply to create more life that will create more life. We may have evolved into a whole web of complexities, but at our core, there are two things which truly drive us: The need for sustenance, and the need for sex. There is however, a large divide between the Women’s and men’s approach to sex. This too comes from our ancestry in the animal kingdom. The Males of any species that uses procreation as a means of propagation will have one single goal: To inseminate as many females of the species as possible. This is in order to spread their genes far and wide and secure a lineage. Females are gifted with the magical ability to create life. They mostly wait for the best candidate to come along and choose them to inseminate their egg(s). This alone creates a huge rift between the psychological map of the male and Female of many species. While all consumed with sexual urges, man has little time or energy to devote to self improvement or intellectual pursuits. Women on the other hand, have scores of energy which they can choose to direct toward whichever area of their life that they may choose. Those few men who manage to rise above their sexuality achieve great things by channelling the energy that would have gone into masturbation and the pursuit of sexual intercourse and redirecting it, as women do, to a much more enriching and productive channel such as politics or mathematics.

Having worked in male dominated environments for most of My adult life, I have been privy to the secrets of male life. I have seen how often you all masturbate at work, whenever the urge takes you. I know that you are all run by your cock and balls. You all put so much time and effort into chasing pussy, that you let all other parts of your life dwindle in limbo as you obsess over porn and your female work colleagues. Your constant erections are a reminder of the need that you feel,almost without relief, to stick your prick into a hole.  Your entire brain is controlled by your cock and its primal urges. So, what happens if you cut out the cock’s ability to react to outer stimuli? For the first 6 months or so, chastity is excruciating. Even before you went into chastity, most outer stimuli made you hard. It’s the way you are programmed. Your brain is hard-wired to make your cock up and ready at the slightest provocation. But now that you are in a cage, and unable to get hard, it seems that the impossible has happened. Everything makes you stiff! The problem is that getting an erection in a cock cage is more than mildly uncomfortable. All that you want is to be let out of it. Everything in your body is screaming at you that you must either masturbate or stick your cock in something, lest your balls explode! Well thank heavens that I am here to break a myth for you! Blue balls are a myth. It’s psychological. If left without being emptied, your balls do not slowly fill up with sperm until they explode. At any given time, however long it has been since your last “pollution, the sperm that you ejaculate will only be a few hours old, a day at most. spermatozoa have a very short life span. Once they are useless, your body reabsorbs them and the cycle recommences. It’s all psychological. As a man, you are hard-wired to ejaculate. It’s what you were built to do in life. So obviously, your body is going to start telling you that you need to pop your cock in something and milk it on a regular basis. So yes, at first, chastity is a horrible experience. With time though, you will begin to adjust to your new life, and you will learn to transcend your primitive urges. This is when the magic happens. One day, you will wake up without morning wood. You will go through an entire day without having any sexual thoughts. It will be the most productive day of your life. Thanks to Me holding the key to your manhood around My neck, you will be on the path to becoming a better, more creative, and altogether more fulfilled person. You will no longer live by your urges. You will be your own master (well, almost…).

  • ariel

    about castration.

    i see my-self as a natural born slave, in my mind i was born to serve Ladies and be Their slave.

    They’re desire, is my desire.
    They’re wishes, is my wish.

    i am here not for my pleasure but (for Ex.) You’r pleasure.

    when i was 24/7 slave, i used to cleaned the house, do the dishes, clothes, handy-man and everything which is needed in and around the house.

    it wasn’t easy and sometimes i hate it, cause it’s hard labor and even though i’m a slave, i still have feelings some times :).

    but even when it was hard and i suffered, the BEST time i had, when i saw my Mistress came back home from a hard day working, sits of the couch, while i’m making Her coffee and with her legs up she sat a relax…That! was the best time, and that was my reward.

    and when i will have new Mistress and if She wants me to be castrate, then…i have no other choice than just…do it.
    if it makes Her happy.
    if this is what She wants.

    then..that’s what i want and that what will make me happy.

    if a slave is with out a penis, how will he pee?.
    or, when you say penis remove, is to have female sexual organ to pee?.
    very curios and i confess a bit of fantasy as well.

    14th July 2014 at 9:03 am
  • Ian

    “You will be your own master (well, almost…)”

    Aye, there’s the rub 😉

    Thanks to Mistress Evilyne for Her lucid lunar-lit nocturnal meditation on chastity. I hope that She has since been able to recover the lost sleep!

    Fascinating that the moon is closely associated with the Roman Goddess Diana, sister of Apollo, and She rules the Hunt and Birthing, and is also worshipped as the Goddess of Chastity…the universe works in mysterious ways, Mistress 😉

    my immediate observation on Mistress Evilyne’s meditation is that the whole dynamic of chastity is surely altered when there is a keyholder?

    my experience is quite limited, but when i wore a chastity device under the control of a dominant Woman, my every thought was with Her, and the knowledge that She had me imprisoned in this intimate way made me focus even more on Her, to the exclusion of all other non-essential pursuits.

    But i only endured for at most a week, so never got close to the 6 month threshold Mistress Evilyne cites.

    What might happen then, i wonder? And as the submissive transcends the bondage of his sex drive, does he also float free of his Mistress’s gravity, or does She retain the power to guide and control him with some more nebulous force, when the simple potency of lust has gone?

    14th July 2014 at 8:52 pm
  • ariel

    After reading this post…i went and purchase my-self, new cb6000s.

    18th July 2014 at 4:13 pm
  • slave brian

    i do feel most males would be better put into chastity by their mothers as soon as puberty is reached and then the keys given to a female who has taken interest in the male for procreation or slavery. i also believe a lot of males would e far better castrated especially the ones who are unowned and small genitals castration would stop the compulsive masturbation and so many males do need this including myself

    8th November 2017 at 2:00 pm

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