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A toilet slave for one night

A toilet slave is a very humble device, but it is also very intimate. We spend some of our most private moments on toilets, and in that sense, being allowed to be someone’s toilet slave is a kind of privilege. The story of an overnight toilet...

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June 9th 2018 doubles with Miss Sarah Jessica

Double Femdom Sessions in London with Dominatrix Miss Sarah Jessica, June 9th 2018. For those of you who don't know Miss Sarah Jessica, she is one of the Uk's top Dominae and a fellow English Mansion house Mistress. She and I have known each other for quite...

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Cuckolding Dominatrix London

Nothing arouses me more than cuckolding. Over the last couple of years I have been getting more and more into cuckolding. It's become such a big turn on for me that I have incorporated it into my personal life. I feel that with spring well on its way and...

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Now on Onlyfans: Let’s get intimate.

As I'm sure you can imagine, having lots of spare time on my hands and all my friends being escorts, mistresses and porn stars, I get up to some pretty naughty stuff in my spare time. So when I discovered onlyfans.com it instantly made sense for me...

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Review of hardsports scat session, March 2018

I have just had my first encounter ever with Mistress Evilyne, a hardsports session, and WOW what a session. First I’ll point out that without a shadow of doubt, in my experience, she is far and away the best mistress around for this activity. I...

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An intimate look into the life of a Dominatrix   I was having trouble sleeping last night. Luckily, my dominatrix fiancee Goddess Anastaxia was there to cheer me up...

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The Mistress, The Goddess, and a couple of dicks

Mistress Evilyne is very adept at leading perverted (and not-yet-so-kinky) men down a steep and exciting path to all forms of liberating femdom depravity. When She recently let me know that She would be offering double-domination sessions with international glaminatrix Anastaxia Domina in London i...

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