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A Whirlwind of Actvity

Hello My dears, I know that I have not been terribly good at updating My blog as frequently as I would like to. But rest assured, there are very good reasons for this. I have been incredibly busy lately with many projects. And today, I am...

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On HardSports and Toilet Training

The ultimate taboo, yet one of My most common requests… What is the deal with Hard Sports? The vast majority of My correspondence is on the subject of poo. Call it what you want, Divine Truffles, Chocolate, Majestic waste or shit. To Me it is poo....

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An Interview With Mistress Evilyne

Hello My little subbies. Today, I asked you all to ask Me questions about Myself and here are the answers. I do hope that you enjoy getting to know Me better. Q:How long have You been a Pro-Domme and have You seen many changes within that time? A:I...

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Full Circle Femdom

Good morning slaves, Recently, I have been pondering the dynamics of Femdom and My relationship with subs/slaves. It is a most interesting thing to observe the willingness with which slaves put themselves in My hands, and place a huge responsibility on My shoulders: "To hurt the slave but...

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Review: Hard Sports & Humiliation

Hello slaves, I get a lot of requests for hard sports from newbies who are scared but at the same time all so excited. A lot of you tend to back out at the last minute. I know that the fear of the unknown and the ultimate...

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Welcome slave,

You have found My brand new website. It has been months in the making. But the result is worth it, don't you think? This section is where I will be keeping you updated on all My latest adventures, babbling away about My thoughts on various aspects...

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