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On sadism

sa·dism ˈsāˌdizəm noun 1. the tendency to derive pleasure, esp. sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others. A while back, I met a submissive man online who, when he found out about My interests, offered to meet up and discuss them. He promised that this might...

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Club Pedestal

Well this is it. The last week of the month started about an hour ago, and that means that Club Pedestal ios around the corner. If you have never heard of Club Pedestal, let Me give you a brief idea of what it is all about....

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Latest News

As always, there is lots going on at the Manor. I have been busy and am happy to announce several very exciting events. Firstly, Mistress Lola of Manchester will be visiting the Manor at the end of the month, and She and I will be offering...

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I hate to write such a negative post, but I sadly have no choice but to share My feelings with you. I am your fantasy. I am an object of desire. I am your greatest dream. I know all this and many of you are kind...

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On Humiliation

Funny one, isn't it, humiliation? You strive your whole life to be accepted and respected, desperately avoiding the crippling embarrassment of being scoffed at, jeered at or spoken of behind your back. That sense of unease that creeps over you late at night when all the...

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Twitter Account Suspended

I have been receiving upset emails this morning from people thinking that I have blocked them. I would just like to state that I have blocked nobody. My twitter account has been deactivated because it would seem that some people have been flagging Me for spamming....

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A little treat for you

I am in a rather good mood tonight, so I thought I would give all you foot lovers a special little something. Why not come and worship them in person? ...

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I have a most wonderful announcement to make! I now have a lovely assistant. Her name is Little Miss Twisted and she is a very naughty girl. This gorgeous vixen is not only young, hot and intelligent, but also, just like Myself, she is rather posh! She enjoys...

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