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Twenty Twenty Vision: Chapter 1

Over the next few days, I will be sharing with you all a wonderful piece of fiction written by one of My admirers. It is a long piece of writing, so I will share it chapter by chapter over the next few days. This story...

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Who am I?

Dominatrices, an elusive breed of Women who seem so inscrutable to the male eye. We parade Ourselves before you like forbidden fruit. We are temptation personified. We are the archetype by which your fantasies are born. But who are We really? Sadly, I cannot answer...

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Dominatrix London, public humiliation

Public Humiliation: one of My favourite things.

As you know, one of My all time favourite activities is public humiliation. I love watching a man squirm, knowing that all eyes are on him. I love seeing beads of sweat accumulate on his forehead at the thought of what I have just told him...

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What is a F.L.R?

Hello dear readers, today I am going to talk about a topic that has been preoccupying My thoughts recently, due to a conversation with one of My boys the other night. The F.L.R., or Female Led Relationship, is a concept as old as time, but...

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I know how much you love My feet…

Hello My dear admirers, I thought I'd give you all a special treat today. I have quite a collection of photos and vines of My feet, both naked, in nylons and shod in magnificent heels and boots, but have never shared them on My blog. So for...

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Mistress Evilyne, London Dominatrix, Scat Queen

Hardsports: Fantasy made reality

Good evening to all My readers, I do hope that you are seated comfortably, because today I am going to talk again about a subject that I have not brought up in a while, despite it being one of My utmost favourite activities: Hardsports Hardsports, scat play,...

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So what’s next?

Happy new year to all My readers, I has been a while since I blogged properly, and this is because I have been extremely busy over the last few months. Between organising Femdom Winter Camp (for which there are still places available, should you wish to...

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What is an overnight session?

How many of you have had an overnight session before? And how many of you would say that it was actually an overnight session?  I am aware that most Dominas offer these, at varying costs. Most ladies will charge you 400-500 GBP, and will play...

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