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"I want a natural Woman," he had written, "I want to be able to smell You." I opened the door on that Monday afternoon in a very different state from that which I am usually in when welcoming a slave to My home. He had contacted...

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My fantasy

I thought that I'd change things up a bit. Today, it's time for Me to tell you about what it is that makes Me moist between the legs...

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An introduction to Hardsports

I do have a core of hardened toilet slaves who have had years of training and swallow My Kaviar nearly as quickly as I can produce it, but the vast majority of people contacting Me to enquire about hardsports are complete novices. Often, they are very...

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New review: Publicly Humiliated in London

Public humiliated in London I had the wonderful privilege of coming to visit Mistress Evilyne 3 weeks back . And had the massive privilege of getting publicly humiliated by Mistress Evilyne in London It started at the amazing dungeon manor by Mistress Evilyne handing me a handbag to...

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The Dungeon Manor Fantasy Fund

 I know how hard it can be to save up for things that you really want. You try to keep the money aside, but then you make an impulse buy and you have to start saving up all over again. I also understand that My services do not...

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Join the Dungeon Manor Family!

Hello My lovelies, As you are all aware, there has been much activity at Dungeon Manor over the last few months, and this is only the beginning! As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Dungeon Manor has turned into much more than just a home...

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Pro-Domming and Ethics

I am slightly overwhelmed by the response that I received to My last blog post. New blog post: "The Difference Between a Domme and a Cunt" http://t.co/GpSkGy6Jkl pic.twitter.com/Jc3kSxAGlj — Mistress Evilyne (@MsEvilyne) April 9, 2015 I never expected it to have the impact that it did. The fact that...

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The difference between a Domme and a Cunt

There seems to be this terrible preconception that Dominatrices are bitches: cold heartless cunts who use and abuse men for their pleasure before throwing them away like trash. There are quite a few ladies out there for whom this preconception works very well, allowing them...

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