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New Chambers up and running

Hello all, I have been away for a long time, haven't I? But it was all for a good cause. After moving to West London, I was originally going to open a playspace close to home. But then I thought about where the most practical location...

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Onwards and Upwards

You may have noticed that I went very quiet a little over a month ago. Some have been speculating over the possibility that I might have decided to hang up My whip. I can assure you that this is not the case. As the move...

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Your pain, My pleasure

As some of you may know, over the last two years I went through a strange period of being somewhat asexual. Domination was very much mental food for Me. I even spent an entire year without masturbating! It['s quite strange really that going into the...

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Moving to West London

As I write from the comfort of My warm bed, I am looking out of the window at the cold and grey world. Summer is slipping away and, with it, the stresses of the last few Months. I have been getting back into sessioning, in...

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Dialogue with a London Dominatrix

Video interview with London Dominatrix, Mistress Evilyne It's been a long time coming: I am finally beginning to play around with youtube. I have wanted to do a video interview for a while now. Somehow though, things kept on popping up that pushed it further and...

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Goodbye Orpington… hello Central London!

That's right! I will soon be a central London Dominatrix! It's been a bit of a crazy summer here at Dungeon Manor. I am sure that by now you all know what happened, so I won't bore you with the details. If you are not up...

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Mistress Evilyne, Humiliatrix, London

"Shocking photos show dominatrix dragging chained man through busy London streets" Reads the headline in the daily star. Any idea who they are talking about? Well, it's Me. Shocking moment chained man has cigarette put out on his tongue by dominatrix down Soho street http://t.co/Geynz2kmCr pic.twitter.com/AaP80ngRu1 — Daily Star...

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Venus in Furs

Sardax, whom I am sure that you have heard of, the world famous Femdom artist, wrote to Me this morning to let Me know that he was going to write a blog post about his translation of the cult literary classic "Venus in Furs". For...

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