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The responsibilities of a Dominatrix and Slave

D/s is a complicated thing. One of the key tenets of this dynamic is that the submissive is essentially offloading responsibility onto their dominant. This is why Dominatrices say it's a hard role. Sure the slave offers to do your laundry, your housework, clean your...

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Read this if you’re into scat

Femdom Scat Porn, it's so hard to find and so expensive! Want to watch some quality toilet training clips? Hardsports porn? Shit videos? The solution is finally here. There's a brand new onlyfans style subscription site based in Spain called Loverfans, and guess what? They are...

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It's awfully boring being locked up at home, isn't it? So many horny slaves are suddenly getting all sorts of ideas and contacting Mistresses such as myself wanting to do crazier, riskier stuff than ever before!!! Well, one such slave has asked me to blackmail him....

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Let’s all start earning more with OnlyFans.com!

I love OnlyFans.com. Ever since I started as a pro-Domme in 2013, I have struggled with clip stores. I found them so unforgiving, competitive, relentless and to be honest, I never found that I got back enough money for the work that I put in. I...

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Out with the old and in with the new

Well this year has been one of upheaval to say the least! I feel like I've been through 10 lifetimes since January. the result? Lots and lots of changes. No more dungeon So as many of you know, this month I closed down my central London playspace....

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Testimonial: A long awaited punishment

I’ve done my research.  I try to be disciplined.  Examined all options.  I play about once a year and I don't want to waste this year’s shot. I’ve checked the reviews.   Everything points to Evilyne.   London’s calling. After ten hours of flying I land...

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The Femdom Ball Dress Code And Etiquette Guide

The Femdom Ball is coming. As many of you know, I'm the Door Bitch at the Femdom Ball. This job doesn't only include making sure every attendee has a ticket. It also gives me the power to refuse entry to anybody not appropriately attired. Up until...

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