bad news

Good afternoon My dears,

Sadly, I seem to be coming down with a rather deadly cold.

It has unfortunately hit just on the day that I had been planning for weeks to do My live cam scat show. I am sure that I could muster up the energy to put on a show for everyone, but not only would I be snivelling and coughing, I would also be risking infecting My shit pump toilet slave. And that is something that I refuse to do.

Health and safety comes first My darlings. For all I know, this could be the beginning of the flu, and I refuse to gamble a slave’s health just for My own gain. It is unethical and selfish. As soon as I have a better idea of where this is heading, I will reset a date. Until then, You can always help Me feel better by sending Me get well gifts. Wink wink.


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