An Interview With Mistress Evilyne

Hello My little subbies.
Today, I asked you all to ask Me questions about Myself and here are the answers. I do hope that you enjoy getting to know Me better.

Q:How long have You been a Pro-Domme and have You seen many changes within that time?
A:I have been a Pro-Domme for approximately one year. In that time, I have not so much seen changes within the world of BDSM, but rather seen changes within My perception of the world at large  and of Myself. As an inquisitive person, I have a tendency to analyse all that I see around Myself, as well as My own psyche. Within a single year, My entire perception of the world as a whole has completely shifted into a vision of the dynamics at play between Dominance and submission. I have thus found strengths within Myself that I would never have been aware of in the past, as well as completely reassessing My understanding of what makes people act in the ways that they do. I feel that I have gained a deeper understanding of society and have been granted the privilege of seeing a side of humanity that is hidden from most, but is shown openly to Me.

Q:When did You first realise that You were a Dominant Female and when did that knowledge manifest itself?
I first realised that I was a Dominant Female at a very young age. I remember being no more than 3 years old and, as any 3 year old would, asking “Why?” when told to do something. The answer would generally follow the lines of “Because I said so.” I would already, at the tender age of 3 think that this was no valid reason, and therefore completely disregard any such order. However, I noticed that others around Me fitted into a mould of sorts. I quickly came to the understanding that I must be different. I had a very Victorian upbringing. As a child, I was expected to be “just so”. I started to believe that there must be something wrong with Me and for the next 20+ years, fought against My nature and tried to be as compliant as possible. As you can imagine, this would generally blow up In My face (or rather, I would, every 6 months or so, blow up in other people’s faces) until one day, a little more than a year ago, I said to Myself “Enough is enough!” and took the first steps into rediscovering Myself.

Q:Once You realised that You were a Dominant Female was it a smooth move into being a Pro-Domme or did You have another job first?
Once I realised that I was a Dominant Female, I jumped feet first into Pro-Domming. I am of a fiery nature and give all or nothing in life. For the first 2 month, I worked part time as a chocolatier alongside My emerging business as a Pro-Domme. However, I quickly realised that the Domme side of My life was far more enthralling and I left My job to take up being a Mistress full time.

Q:Did You start work as a Pro-Domme alongside another Domme as a kind of apprentice?
I started on My own. I researched and practised and learned as I went along. There were a few catastrophic sessions, but mostly everything ran smoothly. What I did learn, I learned mostly from My subs, and from My partner at the time, who was also submissive. He taught Me so much and I will always be grateful to him for his keen insight into the psychological aspects of FemDom and BDSM in general. I did of course, along the way, met two very special Ladies: Goddess Cleo and Madame Asha, who became mentors to Me and gave Me a Domme’s perspective of life. They will always hold a very special place in My heart.

Q:What would You say is Your prime attribute that makes You a Dominant Woman?
I believe that the prime attribute that makes Me a Dominant Female is My Alpha Female character. Even as I tried to be a doormat for most of My life, I was always a strong Woman. In kitchens, My male colleagues were always petrified of Me and I have always naturally taken the position of leader within groups of people. I am also a free spirit and cannot stand being under someone else. My individuality would also definitely be an aspect of My personality that marks Me out as a Dominant Female. I do not follow trends or meld into group mentality. I do things My way.

Q:Do You switch?
I never, ever switch. As I like to say it, My hard limit is being submissive. I am 100% Dominant… through and through.

Q:Do You consider Yourself as being a Dominatrix in all aspects of your life or do You separate this from a more “vanilla” life?
As I mentioned previously, I am an Alpha Female. As such, I would definitely consider Myself a Dominatrix in all aspects of My life. Although I may not always be dressed in heels, latex and leather… although I may not always be wielding a whip or paddle, I am always strong and always on top. Being a Dominatrix is My nature, My core. It is who I am.

Q:Do Your friends and family know what You do? What was their reaction when they first found out?
All My friends and family know what I do. And every single one of them was supportive of My life choice. In fact, they were more than supportive. The reaction of every last one of them was either “That is so you” or “That makes so much sense”.

Q:What satisfies You the most about being a Mistress?
I would have to say that the one single thing that satisfies Me the most about being a Mistress is that I have finally found My place in the world. At last, I can be Myself, unapologetically. I have found My niche. It is OK for Me to enjoy inflicting pain. It is even desirable for Me to be this way. The same goes for humiliation. I have finally found a world where I am not shunned or despised for being a Woman of character, who talks to Men as equals or for being a sadist. I love being Myself, and never before had I felt as if I could be.

Q:Is there a gynarchic aspect to Your Domination?
There is definitely a gynarchic aspect to My Domination. I adore being an Empress. And male submissives and slaves come to Me because they feel the need for a Dominant Female in their lives. They desire more than anything to prostrate themselves at My feet. As an educated and intelligent female who has survived in the extremely rough patriarchal world of kitchens, I have earned My chevrons. I have done a man’s job as a Woman. I am self sufficient and I am strong. I have nothing to prove. And through living in such a masculine world for a decade, I have gained access to the world of men in a way that very few women ever will. This insight has helped Me become a leader of Men.

Q:Do You enjoy Dominating male and female subs in the same way?
I experience the Domination of men and women in very different ways. I see men somewhat as toys, to be played with and enjoyed. I do, of course, develop connections with them, enjoy taking them to a new place, and help them push their boundaries. However, I always, in the back of My mind, have this little devil, smiling and giggling and saying “Would you ever have thought that a woman could do this to you? Look at what happens when you think with your dick, you silly boy!” and that is a huge part of the kick that I get from My play with male subs. With female subs, there is a sort of meditative state at play. The female sisterhood mentality kicks in and I Myself start to see them as Goddesses in their own right. I go into a strange place. I see their physical beauty and the fragility of their body… the softness of their skin. My mind is overcome with images of biblical rapture. And I try to help them achieve that very state. There are definitely different dynamics depending on the sex of the sub. But then again, there are different dynamics with every sub and the rules that I have stated should not be generalised. I have a few male subs with whom I have highly erotic encounters where the whole session progresses through this dream like state, and I have certain female subs who want nothing more than to be degraded and humiliated, and who will never be the Madonna in Rapture.

Q:How do You perceive the “lifestyle” as being viewed in mainstream society?
What an interesting question. I recently had a conversation with a lady who was asking Me about paedophiles as if I were an expert because of My work in BDSM. I think that mainstream society is hard pressed to understand the world that we live in. However, I am hard pressed to understand church going Christians, people who live their whole life in one place without ever feeling the need to travel more than 5 miles away from their home, cat haters, etc. So who am I to expect everyone to be accepting and understanding of the BDSM sub-culture? How can we all be expected to be educated on absolutely everything? If someone has never felt urges to fetishise something, spank or be spanked etc. then why should they ever research BDSM? It is not relevant to their lives in the slightest. However, to pass judgements such as saying that it should be illegal or that our activities are immoral, well that is unacceptable to Me. Personally, I refuse to judge people’s life choices unless I am educated on the matter. And I can only hope that anyone else will be of the same mind when it comes to My life choices.

Q:How do You feel about the way that Pro-Dommes get portrayed in the media?
I actually find that Pro-Dommes are very well represented in the media. That is, from My experience. I was recently watching an episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl where Belle, the protagonist, is asked by one of her clients to Domme him. She goes to see a Pro-Domme to ask for advice and training. I found that the whole episode dealt with the realities of Domming in a very clever way. I thoroughly recommend seeking that episode out. I find it interesting how the image of the Dominatrix is used again and again in advertising and the like. Clearly, it pulls a few heart strings, even with people who would never admit to it. I also think that any advertising is good advertising. If someone sees a Pro-Domme portrayed in the media at that right time in their life, they will see it as more than entertainment, and it might just spark a curiosity in them that will lead them to Me.

Q:Would You tolerate professional dominatrix being considered sex workers?
Well, We are considered as sex workers! So yes. I pay My taxes, like any good English Woman. And as far as the HRMC are concerned, I am indeed a sex worker. And you know what? Fetish and BDSM are sexual fantasy. And I touch dicks nearly every day. So yes, I am a sex worker, and I am proud of it.

Q:If You could change one law, what would it be?
If I could change one single law, it would be to make euthanasia legal. I believe that a human being has a right to avoid terrible pain, or the agony of losing control of their body. I believe that every terminally ill human being should have the right to die in dignity and comfort.

Q:When working with another Mistress do You ever have a bit of friendly competition?
Indeed We do. It can be fun to see who can hit the hardest, or who can come up with the most humiliating punishment. I like to play games and what better way to do it than with a friend?

Q:What was the last request that surprised You?
A week or two ago, someone wrote to Me asking if I could tar and feather them! Of course, I said no.

Q: What was Your most memorable session?
Now that is a very tricky question. It would have to be My first ever hard sports session. I pooed in a bowl and added milk. I left the poo to go cold and fed it to him with a spoon. I will never forget the look on his face!

Q:What is Your favourite footwear?
I live in My knee high DM’s. They are the most comfortable shoes that I own and I love them. In terms of aesthetics, I would have to say My patent nude court shoes. They are so high, yet so demure.

Q:What is Your favourite fetish?
Without a doubt, My favourite fetish is public humiliation. I thrive off the rush of it. And I love it when a sub actually has the guts to go out into the great outdoors (I am certain that this is grammatically wrong… go OUT INTO? But I cannot think of a better way to say it).

Q:If someone asked You to take them way past their limits, would You?
This has happened to Me many times. I always ensure that there is a lengthy discussion of said limits and of how far beyond them the sub is to be taken before setting a date for the session. I believe in communication. If we delve into the depths and leave no stone unturned, they will hopefully be comfortable enough in My presence to give themselves to Me whole heartedly and also I will have a thorough grasp on their psyche and will be able to coax them into uncharted territory. So far, I have helped many subs defeat their fears and have hopefully enriched their lives.

Q:How important is after care to You?
After care is essential to Me. I always take time to chat with subs over a cup of tea or coffee after a session. If the session was particularly rough, I even encourage them to have a nice bath in the en-suite. I make sure that subs are aware of the imminence of sub drop and explain to them the best course of action should it happen. I do everything that I can to ensure that My subs leave on a cloud.

Q:Would You advise a newbie sub to take the plunge, so to speak, and visit a club such as Pedestal to find themselves, or talk to a Dominant first, get to know them and then visit such a club?
My advice would be to either visit Pedestal with friends or contact a Mistress, letting her know that you have never served before and ask her if you might serve Her at Pedestal. I can only imagine how daunting the experience must be of going there alone for a newbie! Another thing to take into consideration is that not only newbie subs attend Pedestal, but also newbie Mistresses. Therefore, it might be better, when inexperienced, to attend within the safety net of a group of friends or in the presence of an experienced Mistress who can help guide you into the world of FemDom.

Q:do You offer a session where You would let/force  Your sub to eat/have some of Your ruby flow/nectar?
I do indeed! Email Me if this is something that interests you.

Q:Do You practice hard sports (which many Dommes don’t)?
Why yes I do! In fact, it is one of My favourite activities.

Q:What attracted You to hard sports?
There are several aspects to hard sports which I found very attractive. Firstly, the psychological side to this fetish. Anyone can take impact if they grit their teeth enough. However, voluntarily eating faeces is a whole other matter. The diversity involved was also a huge attraction. Some slaves consider it as a form of worship, others as extreme humilitation. And of course, being a true sadist, the idea of someone paying Me to eat My poo was just irresistible. Knowing that they asked Me for it, while I watch them retch and gag gives Me such a rush.

Q:Do You offer a session where You would offer full toilet training?
Many subs come to Me asking for hard sports but having no experience of it. And they all, without exception, leave having succeeded. I love taking a novice and turning them into a toilet. And I adapt My technique to each individual sub. You are all different, and what works for one of you will not work for another. Some of you need one session, others need several days. But every single one will leave Dungeon Manor a fully fledged toilet.

Q:Is there anything that You haven’t done within the BDSM world that You wish to?
I have yet to experience the thrill of being handed a man’s credit card and being asked to drain it while he watches helplessly. It seems such a soft activity, but funnily enough, it is in the seemingly harsher aspects of BDSM that I have the most experience. And I would love to experience the jealous looks that such a public display of power exchange would inspire in other women.

Q:Do Your slaves come from any particular area of society or is it a cross section?
My slaves come from all sections of society. I have supermarket employees who save up to come and visit Me, and I have CEO’s and rather public figures. And of course, everything in between. BDSM knows no boundaries in society.

Q:What qualities should a sub/slave exhibit in Your opinion?
A good sub is not scared to communicate with Me and ensure that I am aware of his or her limits and desires. I think that this is overall the most important quality that a sub can have. It is so important for a sub to be able to talk to Me. Another quality would be honesty and openness. There is no point in hiding things from Me. I am not here to judge.

Q:What gives You the most pleasure? A few loyal slaves or a variety of inexperienced ones?
Some might say that variety is the spice of life! But I think that the few loyal slaves would have to be My choice. I have nothing against inexperience slaves though. In fact, I have slaves who came to Me for their first ever FemDom experience and are now loyal servants whom I am taking on a journey of self discovery. And that is the spice of life for Me. You cannot know someone in the space of one session. However, developing a relationship over time, strengthening bonds and discovering intimacy and complicity is what is most important to Me. That is where the beauty of My occupation lies. I love to take My slaves on a journey.

Q:What, if anything, makes You really angry with a sub, and not in a good way?
There are two things that make Me particularly angry with subs. The first is a lack of respect for My boundaries. If I say no to something, it means no. Do not push. I respect your NO, so you should respect Mine. The second thing is lack of honesty. I have had subs disappear into the woodwork, making excuses, only to tell Me months later what was happening in their life at the time, telling Me how embarrassed they were and that they felt unable to tell Me what was happening when it was happening. I am not just here to punish you! I am also here to listen and sometimes help and offer advice. Do not be scared of telling Me about any worries that you may have. Especially if you are either a slave or a regular sub. I may be a sadist, but I am first and foremost a human being. A non judgemental one at that. I care about My subs.

Q:Would You ever go on holiday with a slave (he pays for it obviously)?
I would indeed! In fact nothing would delight Me more. Of course, it would have to be a slave whom I know. Do not expect Me to go on holiday with you if I do not know you (alone at least, I will happily come if you invite one of My Mistress friends along too!).

Q:Where is Your favourite holiday destination and why?
Now that is a hard choice. I love beautiful places, and culturally interesting ones. I could not state one particular favourite. Places that I have been to and loved include Tahiti, Lebanon, Canada and Dartmoor. Places that I would love to go to? Bali, Venice, Tanzania and Mongolia among many others.

Q:Will You be travelling for sessions, and will Dubai be on Your list?
Once I am more set up, I am planning on touring the US and Canada. I am not currently planning any tours of the Middle East. I was a student of Arabic and Islamic studies in university and am all too aware of the dangers involved in practising Femdom in the Emirates. I am not a gambler by nature. If you are in the Emirates and wish to session with Me, why not come on a trip to London?

Q:Outside of being a Dominatrix, what are Your interests?
As an ex pastry chef and chocolatier, I am a true food lover. I adore going out for dinner. Other interests of Mine include going to museums and galleries, the Opera, the theatre, going to the cinema, extreme sports, skiing (I used to do super slalom and am quite an adept downhill skiier), travelling, flying (I desperately want to get My piloting licence), reading, shopping (of course!), baking, and going on adventures.


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  • Keep functioning ,impressive job!

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