A Whirlwind of Actvity

Hello My dears,

I know that I have not been terribly good at updating My blog as frequently as I would like to. But rest assured, there are very good reasons for this. I have been incredibly busy lately with many projects. And today, I am going to tell you all about the exciting things that I have been up to.

First and foremost, you will, if you are a twitter follower or if you read My blog, have noticed that I am putting on a webcam scat/toilet slavery/hard sports show  very soon. You may be wondering how I have achieved this. Well, it is very simple My dears. I have been working with a friend in the fetish industry and together we have started a new website called blue2red.com. This site is a cam site, but it will be much more than that! We have succeeded in finding a cam service provider who allows us to stream extreme material including piercing, scat, hardcore penetration, extreme corporal punishment, and all the other forms of domination that would normally not be allowed. So you are all welcome to email Me suggestions for anything that you would like to see in future shows, as well as offering your services as webcam slave if there is anything that you are particularly good at taking. Consider it an opportunity to get a very cheap ad very long session!

In other news, I am learning a few new tricks. I have recently taken up the good old single tail and am taking weekly lessons from a talented circus performer. It turns out that I am quite the natural, and master in minutes cracks that others take months to achieve. My teacher believes that by the spring, we will be tackling double whip action. So stay tuned because soon enough, I will be adding the whip to My services. I have already ordered 2 whips from Essentia Whips. One 3ft leather signal whip and a nylon 5 ft bullwhip. Thanks to the incredibly large conservatory that we are blessed with here at dungeon Manor, when I am ready to whip, I will even be able to do it indoors. So rainy days will not be a worry. The neighbours are fully aware that I have taken up practising so they will not be surprised in the slightest by the cracks emanating from the house or garden. Another exciting new discipline that I am about to begin studying is hypnosis. I have signed up to a hypnotherapy practitioner registration course and will soon enough be fucking with all your minds. So 2014 is going to be a year full of excitement.

I know that you are already excited about all the things that I have told you about, but there is more! There is building work going on at Dungeon Manor! My slave squealy is a whizz with the saw and drill and he is currently building a medieval style holding chamber in the basement, which already has ankle shackles chained to the wall. We will be adding a cage, ball shackles, a pig trough, straw on the floor, and of course, a waste bucket. But that is not all! There will, in due course, be a TV monitor where we will be able to play you looped scat porn, brainwash videos, torture videos, and all sorts of other delights. Hopefully, we will also work out a way to make out faces appear on the screen so that we can talk to you directly. This monitor will of course be accompanied by an infrared camera, so that we can watch you suffer while we eat our morning breakfast upstairs.
A few months ago, in the conservatory, we found a little trap door that leads to a storage space just large enough to fit a person. We are transforming it into a sesnory deprivation chamber. Squealy is building a lockable coffin to place in the hole, which will be completely cushioned. There will be a small breathing hole which will also allow for a funnel to be inserted!

As many of you may know, We are now also renting out the dungeon to visiting Mistresses. So far, we have had visits from several elite UK Mistresses so do be sure to follow Dungeon Manor on twitter to keep up to date with all the exciting events here, including filming, and visits from touring Mistresses. We also have a facebook page which you can access by clicking here.

 Enough about Dungeon Manor now, and back to ME! I have been so busy with admin recently, spending hours every day in front of the computer. I am getting so many requests for extended sessions and this thrills Me! I have all the facilities here to offer sessions as long as you wish and am taking great pleasure in planning the most terrible deeds. I have extended sessions of all types booked: From 4 hour long soap bath cleansings to kidnap scenarios and more! So if you are looking for the perfect Mistress to live out your extended session fantasy with, look no further! And remember, there are ankle shackles in the basement….

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