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So you’ve found my website. You’ve seen my photos and you want more. But maybe you’re not quite ready to take the plunge of coming in to see me in person, or maybe you lack the funds or live too far away?

How about if I told you there’s a special website, which is sort of like twitter, where I post all my filthiest smut? It’s called OnlyFans and it’s my new favourite website.

Let me explain it to you. So onlyfans works along the same concept as most social media. You can follow people and these people post things on their feed. The difference? Well you need to pay a small monthly subscription to follow someone and that person has no limits on the size or length of the videos they post, or the amounts of text in one post. They can also post audio and photos. 

So what I have gone and done is upload all my old content which I sell on my clipstores to my onlyfans page, and now I update it regularly on top of that. This means that there are nearly 600 videos for you to watch at the time of writing. I regularly make new videos too so there’s always plenty to see. I also upload all sorts of other content.

I love Onlyfans because unlike a clipstore, it allows me to be in direct contact with my fans. I have DM conversation with lots of my subscribers, and the tipping system that they have installed allows my fans to support me for my work and show their appreciation, but it also means that they can send me tips in exchange for little spur of the moment custom videos.

So what do you get to see on onlyfans then? Well I can’t tell you about how other people do it, but on mine you get to see all my old clips as well as my new content which I don’t sell anywhere. So if you want to see new stuff, that is the only place in which you can find it. My new clips are a very different style from the old ones. I used to go for high production values and set aside whole days for filming at Dungeon Manor several times a month, with an entire crew present as well as a slew of film slaves. As the nature of onlyfans is more intimate than clip stores, as is my approach to making content for it. My new content is sexier than ever and filmed using my phone which has a 4K camera on it. I think that this allows me to be more spontaneous and natural.

From time to time, I session with a slave who is a little bit of an exhibitionist. When this happens, I film a bit of our play so you guys can all have a naughty perv. 

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