I had applied to be Mistress’ scat clip filming slave and Mistress had then suggested I serve her for 24 hours during which I would be used as a film slave for two custom scat clips. I was told I may also be used for other clips and would also need to perform numerous domestic tasks during my time with Mistress whilst serving as her toilet for the duration. Tasks inlcuded making Mistress endless cups of her favourite tea, fetching her breakfast and lunch, attending to her laundry and cleaning and tidying Mistress’ playspace.

After I arrived I was made to feel very welcome as Mistress explored and discussed my interests, experiences and desires in the BDSM scene.
I fetched breakfast for Mistress of croissants and coffee. I knew these would soon be re-processed to provide a nutritious second helping for me.

The first scat event meant I watched Mistress pee and poo into a dish that was then mixed into a broth which MIstress would serve to me with a spoon.
I consumed eagerly at first but then Mistress slapped me hard across the face as I struggled to digest.
Although kind and caring Mistress reminded me that she was also a very nasty Mistress where required.

My time with Mistress also included being used as Mistress’ ashtray and footstool and I was also afforded the opportunity to worship her glorious feet both bare and clad in her trademark fully fashioned black seamed stockings. .

At lunch time I was instructed to visit MIstress favourite lunchtime Pizzeria and purchase two slices of her favourite pizza. I was also told to get my own lunch.
When I retuned I noticed Mistress had placed a large glass bowl on the floor. I served Mistress’ pizza on a plate and was then ordered to place my own lunch ( I had also chosen 2 slices of pizza) into the bowl. Mistress duly added her very special seasoning to my pizza as she pissed into the bowl. I consumed hungrily enjoying the added flavour whilst MIstress also filmed this.
Mistress regularlry filled a glass with her champagne and I believe I was able to drink every drop.
During the evening I spent time at Mistress’ feet massaging them and worshipping with my nose and tongue whilst she attended to her business matters and she later enjoyed watching a film. as I continued to serve.

I was afforded the chance to sleep over in her playspace in readiness for a further scat event the following morning.
When I visited the bathroom I noticed Mistress had already filled a bowl with her morning champagne.
I fetched breakfast again – Mistress had requested a chocolate muffin which I thought would be perfect for re-processing but unfortunately the shop did not have any. When I returned I knelt by the bowl and drank Mistress’ nectar.

The second scat event involved me being tied and blinfolded and being Mistress’ ‘truffle pig’ as I tried desperately to find her delightful truffles that she had deposited into a nappy. Once I found the shit filled nappy I was forcibly fed the delights. I tried to consume but needed water to help digest Mistress’ goodies.
MIstress completed the event by wrapping the nappy around my head and I breathed and tasted her caviar for some time before being released.

Mistress is very warm and accommodating whilst at the same time demonstrating that she is a true Mistress who enjoys her art and practices in which she pushes a slave’s boundaries.
I hope I served you well enough Mistress. I know as a slave that training is always an ongoing matter.
I thank you for an amazing 24 hours with you and insight into your world.

Toilet sub Paul

  • This was an interesting read. Good to hear you had fun serving Mistress Evilyne, Toilet sub Paul.

    Thanks for sharing this report.

    17th May 2017 at 11:17 am
  • devran

    mistress evliyne thank you wery much I want to be your toilet slave

    15th June 2017 at 2:01 pm
    • Mistress Evilyne

      If you really wanted to be my toilet slave you would apply for a session

      16th June 2017 at 9:27 am

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