My London Chambers

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Central London Mistress, in the E1 postcode, just a stone’s throw from the city of London.

I am easily accessible from multiple underground lines and am within the circle line. My private chambers (located only a stone’s throw of the closest London underground station) are furnished in a domestic style, as I find that a more familiar setting leads my exchange with you to become more honest and natural.

Despite the comforting and inviting appearance of my chambers, The cupboards are brimming with toys, weapons and larger powerful equipment. I can cater to all manners of experiences, from the most gentle to the most extreme.

BDSM Equipment:

  • Bondage bed
  • Vacuum bed
  • Puppy cage
  • Spanking bench
  • Bondage chaise
  • Fisting sling
  • Toilet box
  • Commode
  • Fucking machine
  • Venus 2000 male milking machine
  • A large selection of canes, whips, crops, floggers, tawses, slappers etc.
  • An extensive collection of dildos for pegging
  • Electro-stim system
  • CBT equipment of varying degrees of complexity
  • Enema kit
  • Leather bondage equipment
  • Sissy clothing and wigs
  • Chastity devices
  • Rope