I’m a student/senior/unemployed. Can you offer me a discount?
I do not offer discounts for anyone. The prices listed on this site are unchangeable. If you find it hard to save up for sessions, check out my Fantasy Fund. I set it up specifically to help people set aside money for sessions. You should also sign up to my newsletter at the bottom of this page if you want to be kept abreast of special offers which I run periodically.

Do you offer intimate body worship?
Intimate being the word, I prefer not to let every Tom, Dick and Harry suckle on my private parts. However, being the one in control, it is my prerogative to decide to order you to worship my cunt if I feel in the mood. In short, do not ask for it, and do not expect it. But who know? It might happen if you are very lucky.

Do you offer sexual services?
I will not have penetrative sex with you, or go down on you, or kiss you. However, I do very much enjoy all different types of orgasm torture, and tease and denial. As such, you can expect Me to play with your cock in whatever way pleases me.

Do you use a safe word?
I do indeed use a safeword. If you are new to BDSM, a safe word is a word that is used to indicate that you wish activities to stop. My safe word of choice is RED. If you are unable to speak, I will give you a small object to hold which when dropped on the ground, indicates the same as the safe word. You are allowed to use the safe word 3 times during a session. But be warned, on the 3rd time, the session ends.

Will you travel to me?
Yes indeed. Please see the Sessions page for more information.

Will you exercise discretion?
I never disclose the names of my clients to anyone. Everything that you share with me is private. That is, unless you are a little exhibitionist and you enjoy the idea of our session being seen on twitter by My 30,000 followers…

I’m not comfortable giving you my phone number etc. Why do you need my contact information?
I need your phone number in order to contact you in case of an emergency. All information exchanged is kept confidential. I would not be where I am today if I was into divulging private information. In order for me to trust you, you need to trust me. It is a two way street.

Is bank transfer the only way I can pay a deposit? I am not comfortable with this mode of payment.
I often get asked if I take deposits via Paypal. Paypal do not like the adult industry and I had my account frozen and My funds withheld. Therefore, no Paypal. I do occasionally take deposits via amazon gift voucher in extreme cases, but I prefer not to as I have to pay tax on them and they can’t be transferred into cash. For foreign clients who don’t have a UK bank account, I do take deposits via deliverycode, and the iWantClips tribute widget on my contact page. If you live in the UK but are unable to transfer Me money, you can pay the money in directly using cash at the counter of my bank.

How long is a session? Is there extra time to recuperate?
I am not a clock watcher. If anything, I look at the time to make sure I am not going too fast! Sessions will last minimum the time appointed (unless you decide to finish it before the time) and mostly run over a bit. I allow several hours in between bookings to give time for you to shower, me to give you aftercare, and to clean up before my next booking.

Can I take you out for a meal or a drink?
If you wish to take me out, you will still be expected to pay tribute for My time. Do not expect a date. I am happy to be spoilt by adoring subs, but remember who is the boss!

Can I shower at your premises?
I have a fully appointed bathroom with shower products, single use toothbrushes, deodorant, razors and anything else you might need. I allow all my clients to shower before leaving, especially if things get messy.

What are your hygiene practices?
I sanitise all of my equipment with hospital grade products. I am certified in health and safety and avoid cross contamination at all costs. It will be hard to find a more hygienic Mistress.

Is that you in the photographs?
That is definitely me in my photographs. I abhor Photoshop, so none of my photos are retouched, If you want to get a better impression of what I look like, why not buy some of my clips and watch me in action?

What happens in a session?
When you arrive, I will expect you to be completely silent until you are safely in my playspace with the door closed and the curtains drawn behind us. The first thing you will do is to hand me my tribute, ideally in an unsealed white envelope. We will then sit down and have a little chat where we will get to know each other a bit better and go over your interests and limits again. I will then send you into the bathroom to disrobe and expect you to crawl out on all fours. This is when playtime begins.

Are you looking for personal slaves?
I am always on the look put for good personal slaves but I do not take applications. There is only one way to become my personal slave and that is by putting in the time and money to visit me regularly for sessions. I pick my personal slaves out of my long standing and reliable clients. Asking for it will just discourage me from even considering you.

Can I exchange session time for work?
No you can not. I do not barter. Sometimes, I am looking for particular tasks to be done around the house and send a call out via twitter and my mailing list offering session time in exchange for services. But it is not up to you to contact me asking to get sessions in exchange for painting my house.

How do I keep posted on any special offers?
Join my mailing list at the bottom of this page.

What if my fetish isn’t listed on your site?
Fill in my contact form and tell me what you are after.
I will let you know if it is something I am happy to partake in or not.

Why haven’t you answered my session request/email?
If you have not received a response from me and it has been less than 7 days since your application, be patient. I often get far too busy to do admin for several days at a time, despite trying my hardest to respond to applications in a timely manner. If it has been more than 7 days, it is most likely that I disregarded you application as being inappropriate. Please see here for an explanation of how to apply suitably.

Can I be your live in slave?
I am not currently looking for live in slaves. And if I were, I would be selecting one from my long standing personal slaves, not a random stranger.

Can I park near you?
There is on street parking near my playspace, but it is full most of the time. The best recourse is once you have paid your deposit and received my address, to head to justpark.com and book a space on there. It’s like airbnb for parking spaces and very practical indeed.

How do I know you’re not a con-artist?
I have been around for several years now. I am a featured Mistress on The English Mansion, house Mistress at Club Pedestal, and very active on the scene. Do you really think I would risk my career and reputation for a few hundred pounds? Google me. See how much information there is out there about me. How many other established Mistresses I am friends with. If you aren’t convinced after that, then that is not my problem.

Can I film my session or take photos?
I do allow sessions to be filmed for personal use, but this does incur a surcharge, as well as the necessity for you to sign a release form promising not to publish the material. Or, if you want a record of our time together, apply to be My film slave. I will send you a copy of the material we film together.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
Paying a deposit is obligatory. There are no other options. If you make a same day booking, I might wave it for practicality reasons, but do expect a stringent security procedure if you do not pay one. Basically, it will be less hassle for you to just pay a deposit, even when making a same day booking.

Can I session with you and another lady at the same time?
I do offer double sessions, but only with slaves who have already visited me or the other Mistress. You will have to come and session with me alone before I consider offering you a double.

What happens if I cum mid session?
It’s up to you. If you want to continue playing after you have cum, I am happy to do so. If you want to leave, that is fine too. Or we can sit and drink tea and chat until the end of your allotted time. If you decide to leave before your time, you will not get a refund.

What are your rules on late arrivals for an appointment?
If you arrive late, you are losing out. I will not push the appointment back. Arrive 20 minutes late, and that’s 20 minutes less of session time. If you are afraid of being late, I recommend planning to arrive early, and then heading to one of the local coffee shops for a brew while you wait.

Can I bring drugs with me?
Substance use is absolutely forbidden. If you arrive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, I will refuse to session with you. I will not accept any substance use during session either, with the exception of poppers.

What are complete deal breakers?

  • Do not arrive smelly and sweaty.
  • Have the decency to be freshly shaved, generally well groomed and well presented.
  • Please wear your Sunday best to come and see me. There is no greater turn off for me than seeing a man arrive in stained sweatpants and an old nasty t-shirt.
  • Rudeness and pushiness will not be tolerated and will cause your session to be cut short.